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 Cindy developed End-Itch because she suffered every season, all season long from poison ivy.  Cindy lives in Texas which has concentrated areas of the oily leaf along with fire ants and chiggers. Poison ivy grows in her yard and her pets walk in it.  When she picks them up she comes into contact with the Urushiol oil on their feet and fur.  Cindy first developed this product to simply help with the dry skin on her feet.  One evening while using the product on her feet she thought the salt would feel good on her itching poison ivy.  She applied the product and scratched the itch until it stopped itching.  She continued as she always did with the product and went to bed.  She was able to sleep all night long without waking up itching.  The next morning the rash still did not itch.  It also appeared to be healing.  Cindy researched the cause and effects of poison ivy and tweaked her product.  The next time she was exposed to poison ivy and saw the rash start to appear, she applied End-Itch and much to her surprise the rash never evolved into a full blown poison ivy rash.  The rash stopped progressing and was gone in a few days.  Now she is never concerned with exposure to the plant because of her product.

​Don’t forget End-Itch also relieves itching from Fire Ants and Chiggers as well as from rashes and Eczema.