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Our Products

 We have four itch relief products for itchy skin.  They are for Poison Ivy and Insect Bites, Eczema, Sunburn and Companion Pets and Horses. 

 All  the products are made with all natural ingredients to be safe and effective for your babies, pets and yourself. 

We have two products for Eczema. One contains salt and the other is without salt.  Some people like the salt to act as an abrasive to help stop the itching.  

The oils are quickly absorbed to keep the itch away and help with healing. All of our products are made for natural itch relief and all around natural skin care.  Our newest product is sunburn itch relief because sunburns will start itching when they start healing.  

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Poison Ivy and Insect Bites

 For Skin Rashes That Itch, Get up to 10

Hours Relief With All Natural Cream for Itchy Skin -  End-Itch

·  End-Itch is a Natural Cream for Itchy Skin.  End-Itch is a registered trademark of Crystal Connections, LLC, the makers of End-Itch and is an FDA Listed product.  End-Itch ingredients have been tested by the FDA as safe and effective for temporary relief from itching of poison ivy, poison oak, insect bites and Eczema.  End-Itch was first developed as a dry skin remedy and then was discovered as the perfect product for relief of itching. 

·   End-Itch is made from all natural ingredients.  It contains no chemicals.  End-Itch contains a proprietary combination of oils and salt specifically chosen to compliment each other to help break down the Urushiol Oil that causes the rash from the poison ivy plant.  End-Itch also contains oils that signal danger to ants and bees and coincidentally stop the itching from these insects.

·  End-Itch not only stops skin rashes that itch from Poison Ivy and Insect Bites, but is an anti-itch cream for skin rashes that itch such as Eczema. Your rash will be noticeably better the next day.

·  It does not matter what stage your rash has developed. End-Itch will stop the itching. However, if you catch the rash at it's earliest point and use End-Itch, your rash will not develop to the oozing stage at all. End-Itch will start the healing process of your rash as soon as this all natural cream for Itchy skin is applied and prove to be the relief you need.

Carry End-Itch where ever you go! End-itch is all natural and is safe for all ages and can be used as many times as needed to stop itching. End-Itch helps you sleep at night when itching usually keeps you awake. Buy End-Itch for your medicine cabinet, diaper bag, purse, glove compartment, RV, backpack, boat, etc. 

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 The Key to Keeping Eczema Under Control

Since Eczema is an incurable skin disease, it can be tolerated if you have a product that works for you or know how to keep it at bay.  End-Itch contains ingredients that keep the skin deeply moisturized and it contains sea salt which has medicinal properties in of itself.  Some people travel to the ocean to get in the salt water to relieve their symptoms of Eczema. Sea Salt is thought to be an antioxidant and help draw out toxins and speed the healing of wounds.  It also invigorates the skin and promotes circulation. Salt is a strong natural antihistamine.  End-Itch contains no chemicals specifically steroids or cortisone.  The ingredients in End-Itch are all Natural and each ingredient compliments the other creating a synergy between them to help the other do it's job to scratch the itch, soothe the redness and swelling, help the oils penetrate deep into the skin and lock in the moisture for long lasting relief.  End-Itch can help you keep your Eczema or just dry skin under control. 

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 One symptom of Sunburn is sometimes itching.  The itching can show up at the onset of the burn and/or itching can start once the sunburn starts healing and the skin begins to peel.  In any case, End-Itch can be used to sooth itching at any stage of the sunburn.

End-Itch will moisturize the skin as well, which is needed because a burn severely drys out skin. 

End-Itch is all natural and can be used as often as needed. 

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Pets and Horses

 If your pet continuously scratches and/or bites at itself, they probably have a skin condition from parasites to allergies.

There are many skin conditions that can be treated with over the counter products, but some conditions may need the help of a veterinarian.

End-Itch is not intended for all skin conditions and not to be used to eliminate fleas or their itchy bites.  End-Itch is however all natural and safe to be used on any kind of skin irritation.  If the irritation does not respond, seek the help of a veterinarian in the event your pet has an underlying condition that requires a more powerful treatment.

Some skin conditions are:

Allergies from the environment, shampoos, conditioners and even food.

Dry, flaky skin can be a result from any of the conditions listed here but is usually just from dry skin in the winter.

Folliculitis is a bacterial infection producing bumps and scabs.

Hot Spots feel hot to the touch, are inflamed moist dermatitis.  Hot spots are found on the pets head, hips and/or chest.  Hot Spots can be caused from insect bites, allergies or just continual licking and chewing.

Impetigo is also a bacterial infection which causes pus-filled blisters.  They typically are found on the abdomen.  Sometimes it can spread but rarely.

Ringworm is a fungus.  It shows up as scaly patches on your pets head, ears, paws and forelegs.  They are inflamed areas and result in hair loss around the lesions. 

Seborrhea are greasy scales like dandruff.  Seborrhea is usually caused due to a complication of a medical problem.  It is best to treat the underlying cause.

Yeast Infections are commonly on the toes or in the ears.  Yeast infection produces irritated discolored skin.